On this page we have unedited feedback from parents of children who are, or have been, cared for by the wonderful Smiley Faces Team.  Thanks to those giving the feedback – it really is uplifting and helps us feel we’re delivering on our goal of combining the best quality with the best value-for-money in childcare and education.


Upper Hutt Pre-school Childcare and Education
Jul 07, 2015
I  would also like to thank you and the team for your fantastic care of Callum. It is nice to see him enjoying himself he now looks forward to going to daycare. Kerry and Nicky in particular have been a huge help. We also appreciate your team going to the extra effort to accomodate Callums allergies. I thought it would be worth emailing you to say this as I don't believe people in general get the thanks and acknowledgement that they deserve often enough.

I don't say anything I don't mean, it was very stressful trying to find a daycare that I felt was safe and would be more than happy for anyone who wants to talk to me about how your team have been able to work with Callum and his allergies etc I'd be more than happy for you to pass on my details. It's not easy putting a child in daycare let alone one with allergies.



If you have, or have had, a child at Smiley Faces Educare we’d love to receive your feedback.  We don’t guarantee to publish all feedback, but we do promise to read it and follow-up on feedback from genuine Smiley Faces customers.