On this page we have unedited feedback from parents of children who are, or have been, cared for by the wonderful Smiley Faces Team.  Thanks to those giving the feedback – it really is uplifting and helps us feel we’re delivering on our goal of combining the best quality with the best value-for-money in childcare and education.


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Upper Hutt Pre-school Childcare and Education
Sep 03, 2015
I am glad that my son comes to this daycare.  It is extremely friendly and caring.  My son comes home singing songs he learnt, and talks about his day with pride.  I am happy with what my son has learnt and experienced here.
Upper Hutt Pre-school Childcare and Education
Jul 07, 2015
I  would also like to thank you and the team for your fantastic care of Callum. It is nice to see him enjoying himself he now looks forward to going to daycare. Kerry and Nicky in particular have been a huge help. We also appreciate your team going to the extra effort to accomodate Callums allergies. I thought it would be worth emailing you to say this as I don't believe people in general get the thanks and acknowledgement that they deserve often enough.

I don't say anything I don't mean, it was very stressful trying to find a daycare that I felt was safe and would be more than happy for anyone who wants to talk to me about how your team have been able to work with Callum and his allergies etc I'd be more than happy for you to pass on my details. It's not easy putting a child in daycare let alone one with allergies.

Upper Hutt Pre-school Childcare and Education
Dec 01, 2014

Sierra and I would just like to express our sincere thanks for the fantastic care that Smiley Faces has provided over the last few years that Sierra has been attending.  I know that she has enjoyed it immensely and is sad to be leaving what she has known over these years. 

As a mother, you only ever want the best for your child and to watch them grow into incredible children.  To accomplish this, the company your chid keeps is extremely important.  To be around people who genuinely care, support your child and their well being.  To have patience and to teach the children about life and what it has to offer.  This effects not only her growth but her well being whilst she develops before school.  Smiley Faces have done just that ...  I'm sooo incredibly proud of Sierra and what she has achieved in the last 5 years.  From arriving here at the age of 1, to turning into a bright young 5 year old girl is just a milestone that every mother dreams of.  Her growth and accomplishments are a credit to you all and I would like to sincerely thank you and your caring natures.  You are all a huge part of who my little girl is today. 

Sierra is heading off to start a new journey at school and although excited she has voiced her concern about missing Smiley Faces.  I have said that we can still visit from time to time so in the next few weeks you can expect a visit from us.  So this isn't goodbye, but simply see ya later  

Thanks again and see you all soon

Love Mel and Sierra xx

Dec 2014

Upper Hutt Pre-school Childcare and Education
Aug 14, 2013
Hi Clare and Smiley Faces team

The time has come for us to leave upper hutt.

Would like to thank you all for giving Corey such a wonderful experience, he has been so happy with you and grown and developed wonderfully. He has especially loved painting, singing and playing outside. All the staff have been great but special extra thanks to Jovi for biggest smile I have ever seen and one that has proved irresistible to Corey and eased the morning departures In the early days. A BIG thank you also to Teri and her persistence in getting Corey to eat the great food provided.

I know he will miss you all and so will Lawrence and I. We love the friendliness and the professionalism you all have, a wonderful balance. Painting and crafts all ready to go at 8:30 it's fantastic, such a wonderful mix of activities everyday. We have only 1 criticism . . . . . . That you aren't based near our new AucKland house!

We wish you all well
Upper Hutt Pre-school Childcare and Education
Oct 04, 2013
Thank you so much for all the loving care you've provided for Layla and Zac.  Layla is so well prepared for school and Zac has come along in leaps and bounds over the last year.

Thanks also for the support you've given me with kind words at stressful times or difficult drop-offs.  We really appreciate everything you've done and will miss Smiley Faces.
Upper Hutt Pre-school Childcare and Education
Sep 06, 2013
Thank you for all your support and guidance that you have provided our little princess. It's great to see her make new friends again. We were surprised at how fast and easily she settled at your centre. We know that this transition was easy due to all your hard work in the background.

It's good to see her grow into this confident person with such confidence in social skills.
We are very glad that we chose this centre as it's principles and philosophy is great and has assisted in Rhea's learning and development.

Thank you to all of you once again for looking after our little princess so well. We are really grateful for the care that is provided to her.
Upper Hutt Pre-school Childcare and Education
Aug 16, 2013
I love that Lee is "let loose" to get in & muck around in the sandpit & with his art, as I'm not the best with messy play.

Love it that you let him free to play as well as his new learnings, he has so grown over the short months he has been at the centre since May.

Thank you all so much
Upper Hutt Pre-school Childcare and Education
Sep 13, 2013
I love this story Kerry - I can just see him talking about his Captain Hook & treasure!

After our conversation, I have totally changed the way I ask Devon how his day was, & what he did, & now I finally have a conversation about his day, so thank you so much for teaching me how to communicate with Devon so he can break it down to answer me.

He is the right little chatter-box on the trips home now in the car - like he knows what I'm going to ask him - so away he goes. Thank you again - Sarah.
Upper Hutt Pre-school Childcare and Education
Aug 18, 2014

It is every parent's wish to go to work and have peace of mind to know that their baby is well looked after and this is exactly what we got from Smiley Faces.  The love, care and support you gave to Tariro over the past 4 years has been exceptional.  You were there to listen to her needs and even our concerns as a family and provided care that was specific for her throughout the years.  As she enters a new phase in her life we believe that so many things that you taught and instilled in her have made her the person she is today and will have a positive impact on the person she will be in the future.

Thank you to all the staff who made her stay pleasureable at Smiley Faces.


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