Nov 012013

 Today we’re holding a Party!


Magical dressup party


We’re also open for visits from 2-4pm today, so dress up with your child or children and come along and join the fun!

Read more about November Open Days at Upper Hutt Child Care.

Some photos of our special day ….

Oct 312013



The letter below was recently sent to parents advising of our participation in The Heart Foundation’s Healthy Hearts Award:


Heart Foundation






Dear Parents/Caregivers/Whānau,


We are pleased to announce that we will be participating in the Heart Foundation’s Healthy Heart Award for
Early Childhood Education: Tohu Manawa Ora Kōhungahunga.

This innovative programme has supported hundred of Early Childhood Education Services to implement a
heart healthy environment – and now it is our turn! The healthy changes we make will be acknowledged by
the Heart Foundation’s Healthy Heart Award.

The Healthy Heart Award for Early Childhood Education programme emphasises the positive impact of early
childhood nutrition and physical activity on children’s current and future health and development.
Establishing healthy habits in early childhood years provides a foundation of lifelong health and well-being.

We trust you will support our involvement in this exciting programme, as your assistance and contribution will
help us to achieve our goal. Please look out for our updates!

If you would like to know more about the details of the Healthy Heart Award for Early Childhood Education:
Tohu Manawa Ora Kōhungahunga visit or feel free to talk with us directly.



Smiley Faces teaching team

Oct 262013

Inspiring: Open a Mind, Touch a HeartInspiring: The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling.

Inspiring: Genius Stems from Enthusiasm

We’re inspired, passionate and enthusiastic about what we do.  So we decided a refresh of our website was in order.  A refresh that reflects the blend of warmth and professionalism we constantly strive for.  Thanks to Jodi, our Centre Manager, for the wonderfully inspiring quotes.

There will be more changes to come over the next few days, so return soon to see (more…)

Aug 292013
We’ve been studying transportation methods, including a recent visit from a fire engine – each child got a chance to work the fire hose – great fun!
I’ve added a game called Transports to our games page – it teaches a wide range of transportation methods and helps a child learn the names of each type of transportation.Play now …
Transport Games - Fire Truck
  Upper Hutt (more…)
Jun 192013

Childcare meets Animal Care

Our childcare centre in Upper Hutt has just wrapped up an extensive study of animals and animal care. We concluded the project by creating a model zoo using a wide range of materials to build the animals and their environment:

Childcare meets animal care - and we create a model zoo to end our project. Childcare Centre learns about animal care – and create a model zoo to end their (more…)