Emergency Procedures


Smiley Faces Educare:  Emergency Procedures

The links below will open the current version of our Emergency Procedures documents.

We have provided these documents so parents and caregivers have immediate online access in case of emergency.

To view these PDF documents you can use Google document viewer, or Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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Evacuation Procedures for Fire, Earthquake, or Civil Emergencies

Fire Action Notice – posted next to fire alarm, and emergency exits

Lock-Down Procedure – for chemical spills, armed offender at large, etc.

NOTE TO PARENTS: During a lock-down incident you will need to remain away from Smiley Faces until we give the all-clear (via text message, phone call or police/official advice).

If we need to evacuate from Smiley Faces to another site, we will walk to Fraser Crescent School.  The following map shows the evacuation route:

Evacuation Route

Evacuation Route to Fraser Crescent School


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our emergency processes, please contact us or comment below.

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