Oct 012014
Performers on Stage - Te Papa Marae
Exploring 4
To continue the children’s interest in Te Ao Maori, we visited the Maori exhibition at Te Papa in July.  The children enjoyed everything from the bus ride into the city to singing their waiata on the marae.
We also had the opportunity to visit the Natural Forces exhibit.  We were blessed to have many parents and whanau join us for these (more…)
Oct 012014
Marae 4
In April Lily-Grace asked her teacher “What is a Marae?”.  Her teacher used this question to develop a learning project.  She first asked the children what they knew about “marae”.  Then they read books and made their own papier mache marae and learnt te reo words about marae.
Finally, the teachers organised a visit to Orongomai Marae which was greatly enjoyed. (more…)
Aug 292013
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